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Week 7, Fall 2013 Semester

Advanced Photography¬† After two weeks of editing down their archives on a computer and becoming more familiar and comfortable with editing software, APP artists were given contact sheets and 4″ x 6″ prints of the images that they copied into their “favorites” folder. ¬†The first part of class was devoted to an editing demo/presentation by […]

Week 6, Fall 2013 Semester

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students began to learn about symbolism, including the difference between collective symbolism (cultural icons like the American flag, religious icons, etc.) and personal symbolism, or the practice of representing oneself through significant objects, events, or relationships.

Week 5, Fall Semester

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students learned about the significance of color in images, and the various meanings and connotations that different colors can have. On Thursday, the class went on a long-awaited photo field trip along a nature trail near the Dairy Barn.

Week 4, Fall 2013 Semester

To start off this week, APP Introduction to Photography students practiced using their zoom lenses in a brief class exercise, then continued to explore light and shadow as they looked at each other’s prints from the previous Light and Shadow assignment. Thursday, the class broached a new topic: texture. More specifically, students were asked to contemplate how different textures can evoke a range of emotions.