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Week 10, Fall 2013 Semester

In Weeks 9 and 10 of the semester, APP Introduction to Photography students continued to work on their self-portrait assignments, and began to discuss mental illness in relation to their work. Many students opened up about their personal experiences, recognizing that mental illness is unique to each individual.

Week 9, Fall 2013 Semester

Advanced Photography The advanced classes are slowly wrapping up the editing process for their working portfolios. This week in class the artists had a group critique of their final 12 edits. Each artist hung their images on the board and read aloud their artist statement. The artists talked about their editing process and discussed how […]

Week 8, Fall 2013 Semester

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students began their two-week study of self-portraiture, and started to discuss creative ways of incorporating themselves in images that convey something about them and their unique experience of the world.