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BLOG: Passion Works Visit

APP artists recently visited Passion Works Studio, another arts-based non-profit organization in Athens. APP Artists enjoyed learning more about Passion Works, its artists, and some of the artwork they have contributed to the community. ¬†    

BLOG: Market on State Update

Mall Wall Update: The newest rotation of 22 fall themed photos at the Market on State will be hung on October 21, 2016. There will be two more rotations¬†between now and May. The the first rotation of APP artwork has been installed at the Market on State! Photographs will be rotating on a quarterly basis. […]

STUDENT BLOG: Finding Artistic Inspiration

By APP Artists Shannon M. and Donna L. Last month, while keeping with the theme of “The Artist Within”, the advanced APP classes viewed the work of several well-known artists. The students also watched a few documentaries to learn more about creative approach and artistic practice. Some of the artists whose work was viewed use […]