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Spring 2016 Week 2: Advance 3rd Year Group

Hello all! After a month of “hibernation” we are back at it at Athens Photographic Project! Here is an update from our advance 3rd year group in our second week of classes. For week two, we did an in class photo walk with the theme : “Noticing the details of Winter.” Below are some pictures taken […]

BLOG: Storytelling

APP’s third year artists participated in an in-class photo workshop working in small groups to create two short narrative photo series.  Each group had to tell a story using no more than eight photographs.  The workshop started with each group working together to create a narrative.  They then storyboarded the action and planned each ‘shot’.  Next […]

BLOG: Creating Photo Journals

Our Intro artists are working on creating their own unique photographic journals this year.   Each journal is crafted using a number of supplies and includes thoughts, feelings, reflections and of course photographs.