We offer introductory and advanced digital photography courses at the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens. Each class meets twice a week and has a maximum of 15 students, allowing everyone to participate and get highly individualized feedback. There are currently 40 students enrolled in APP. Our director, instructors, mentors, and teaching assistants support APP artists in the classroom and beyond.

When they first join our program, students spend a year in the introductory class, where they learn the fundamentals of photography, art history, and critique. As they become more comfortable with their photographic voice, they move on to the advanced class, where they learn to build a portfolio and share their work with the community. Students can take the advanced class for as many years as they like.

Long-term involvement with APP helps students develop in-depth skills and add a sophisticated, first-person voice to the arts community. Over time, we believe this will change the way the public views mental illness, and will deepen appreciation for the talent artists develop during their mental health journey.

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