Athens Photo Exhibitions

About Our Exhibitions

Since 2000, the APP has offered fine art photography classes as a component of mental health recovery throughout rural southeast Ohio. Following in the tradition of practicing artists, we invite APP photographers to submit their artwork to a juried exhibition following a year-long period of in-depth learning, discovery, and creation.
Typically, each artist submits a handful of images to an exhibition juror. The juror narrows the images down to a manageable size by selecting the strongest ones: the ones that together create a cohesive picture of who we are as a photographic arts community. The selection is printed and displayed to gallery standards. Finally, we invite the community to view the work and opening reception is held. Together, with the community, we relax and celebrate our accomplishments from the classes.  And then, we create some more.
We believe this practice of working as an artist parallels the experience of living with a major mental health condition:  both are a ongoing personal journeys,  both are filled with struggle and insight, and both require a tremendous amount of hope on the part of the individual and their community. Our exhibitions are a way for us to share our experience with those in our community who have a different experience, but who are open to the experiences and insights of others.

Exhibition Archive

1. I Have a Voice, 2001.  Athens, Ohio.
2. Our Voices / Our Worlds, 2002.  Athens, Ohio.
3. Voices of Vinton County, 2003.  McArthur, Ohio.
4. Quilt Barns of Adams County, 2004.  Adams County, Ohio.
5. Voices Reclaimed, 2005.  Logan, Ohio.
6. Young Voices of Vinton County, 2006.  McArthur, Ohio.
7. Four Portfolios, 2007.  Athens, Ohio.
8. Recent Works: Fall 2007, 2007.  Athens, Ohio.
9. Recent Works: Spring 2008 , 2008.  Athens, Ohio.
10. Personal Landscapes: Topography & Emotion, 2009. Athens, Ohio.
11. Touching Light, 2010.  Athens, Ohio.
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