Blog Week 12

Blog Week 12


This week’s class time was divided into two activities; the first activity of class was a slideshow lecture viewing works by John Wimberly, John Daido Loori, and Pentti Sammallahti. The theme of this weeks lecture and shooting assignment is ‘Thinking about Light’ students were asked to consider the quality of light and exposure related to how they can effect the feeling or mood of an image.  Students then participated in an in class shooting assignment where students ‘bracket’ images by choosing a subject then taking five photographs at different exposure settings of that subject.  The first exposure should be a ‘normal’ exposure (what the student thinks is the proper exposure) then the student should take two ‘underexposures’ and two ‘overexposures’.  This gave students an opportunity to compare how the exposure shifts affect the image.


In class responses to ABH project and ‘Simplicity’


Wednesday (Group B)

-What’s motivating you while working on the ABH Project?

*Since I’ve had a driver its been great, Ive been traveling all week, I’m more exited now than ever, when I go out riding I am thinking of the ABH project but am having fun working and watching.

*I’m finding looking for simplicity to by complicated

*I’m trying to find new places and ways to photograph to just get out and shoot more, I’m still thinking of my original theme ‘crossroads’ and am always looking for physical crossroads but now am considering it more of a broad concept, kind of just the idea of things that cross it has given me a lot more subjects to work with