30 Week Group Project
BLOG: Storytelling

APP’s third year artists participated in an in-class photo workshop working in small groups to create two short narrative photo series.  Each group had to tell a story using no more than eight photographs.  The workshop started with each group working together to create a narrative.  They then storyboarded the action and planned each ‘shot’.  Next […]

BLOG: Creating Photo Journals

Our Intro artists are working on creating their own unique photographic journals this year.   Each journal is crafted using a number of supplies and includes thoughts, feelings, reflections and of course photographs.  

Week 14 Fall 2015

APP artists participated in a group effort preparing letters to be mailed out with information about The Athens Photographic Project. These letters, contain information about how our project works, and include information about how people can donate to help support APP programing. If you too are interested in donating, please visit our website: athensphotoproject.org : […]

Week 8 Ash Cave Adventures!

Greetings from Athens Photographic Project! We would like to update you on how our fall 2015 semester is going!   On October 14 and 15 our Introductory groups took a trip to Ash Cave. They were shooting fall foliage and enjoyed connecting with their fellow classmates outside of the classroom. In the meantime, our intro group has […]

BLOG: Passion Works Visit

APP artists recently visited Passion Works Studio, another arts-based non-profit organization in Athens. APP Artists enjoyed learning more about Passion Works, its artists, and some of the artwork they have contributed to the community.      

BLOG: Market on State Update

Mall Wall Update: The newest rotation of 22 fall themed photos at the Market on State will be hung on October 21, 2016. There will be two more rotations between now and May. The the first rotation of APP artwork has been installed at the Market on State! Photographs will be rotating on a quarterly basis. […]

STUDENT BLOG: Finding Artistic Inspiration

By APP Artists Shannon M. and Donna L. Last month, while keeping with the theme of “The Artist Within”, the advanced APP classes viewed the work of several well-known artists. The students also watched a few documentaries to learn more about creative approach and artistic practice. Some of the artists whose work was viewed use […]

STUDENT BLOG: Winter Semester Update

Text and Photos by Sandy Frazier, APP Artist and Mentor The 2015 winter semester has been an exciting time at APP! We are thrilled to have completed the exhibition at the Market on State. Photos in this exhibit will change approximately four times per year through 2015. Other APP artists and I are looking forward to […]

STUDENT BLOG: Market on State Exhibition Installation

Last week, APP artists successfully installed the first round of images at our permanent exhibition at the Market on State in Athens. The show will feature work from 44 program artists over the course of the coming year, with images changing every few months. Artists spent several hours last Monday and Tuesday carefully mounting photo […]


By Chris Leonard, APP Artist and Mentor Shortly before winter break, artists in APP’s intermediate class learned inexpensive ways to incorporate special effects into their photography. Special photographic equipment, such as lens filters and flash filters, can be economically prohibitive. Class mentors presented different avenues and options for students to experiment with. Beth K. led […]


By APP Artist Shannon M. Planning for APP’s permanent exhibition at the Market on State is well underway! APP staff, artists, and local exhibition experts have been collaborating to plan the display, which will showcase the work of every artist enrolled in the program. The exhibition is scheduled to open in the beginning of 2015 […]


By Sandy Frazier, APP Artist and Mentor It has been a busy and exciting couple of weeks as an APP participant! The Intermediate class has been working with manual camera settings and learning to use black and white photography to highlight contrast and texture in images. Students have also been learning how to convert color […]

STUDENT BLOG: Photographing Comic Con

By Paul Grimes, APP Artist These days, I don’t read or collect comic books as much as I did in middle school, but I still enjoy comic book movies.  From October 31 to November 2, my friend James and I went to the 2014 Columbus Comic Con. I had never been before.  I learned immediately what […]


On Veteran’s Day, November 11th, class began with acknowledgement of the two veterans in the intermediate class: Gary C. who served in the Navy, and Brad M., a first-year student, who served in the army. Brad M. shared a photo of a jack-o-lantern, which he spent a good while shooting to get it to his standards. He explained how he ended up using a 30-second exposure time to get the pumpkin stem good and green, and the background a wonderful black.

Week 26, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students worked on reading some each other’s images from the course, focusing on various technical qualities — angle, light, mood, foreground versus background, focus, composition, color, and framing among others — and how these elements contributed to the meaning of the photographs.

Week 25, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students continued to work on their photographic series, and began to prepare for the upcoming exhibition in May. Students brought some of their favorite images from the year into class for feedback.

Week 24, Winter/Spring Semester 2014

Advanced Photography This week the advanced classes visited the Kennedy Museum of Art at The Ridges.  Museum curator, Petra Kralickova, lead a tour of each of the gallery spaces and explained what she does as a curator and how she approaches her job.  Fortunately two of the gallery spaces were in the installation process so […]

Week 23, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

Advanced Photography After spending the last few weeks browsing the archives to add 8 more images to their working portfolios, the artists in the advanced classes have made their own hand-sewn books!  The books were bound using a simple three-hole stitch and include 12 themed images.  Everyone had a blast binding their signatures.  From these […]

Week 20, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students focused on lighting. They learned techniques for photographing in low-light situations, as well as the various qualities of light one can utilize in creating photographs, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Week 19, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students continued to plan their photo series, focusing on the themes they would like to investigate and subjects that might help them convey these themes photographically.

Week 18, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

APP Introduction to Photography students were glad to be back in class this week after an abundance of snow days. Students spent Tuesday getting back into the swing of things and learning more about how to create a photographic series.

Week 1, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

The APP Introduction to Photography course resumed last week for Winter/Spring Semester, and students dove right back into their work. This semester will focus heavily on photo series, and each student will eventually be asked to create his or her own.

Weeks 11 and 12, Fall 2013 Semester

It has been a busy few weeks in the APP Introduction to Photography course. In Weeks 11 and 12 of the semester, students continued their assignments about living with mental illness and began their next assignment: picturing hope and gratitude. As Chris Leonard, one of the course mentors, said: “Hope means looking forward to what could be, while gratitude means appreciating what you have.”

Week 10, Fall 2013 Semester

In Weeks 9 and 10 of the semester, APP Introduction to Photography students continued to work on their self-portrait assignments, and began to discuss mental illness in relation to their work. Many students opened up about their personal experiences, recognizing that mental illness is unique to each individual.