Classroom Blog Week 10

Blog Week 10

This week’s class time was divided into three activities; first students viewed a few short videos introducing the work and practice of artists Michael Kenna and Paul Caponigro.  Second we explored the concept simplicity, ending in  a short ‘simplicity’ group shooting workshop.   Lastly students viewed prints in small groups.  For the next two weeks we are going to explore the term ‘simplicity’ in our take home assignments.  While working on the simplicity assignments, you can continue to use the photographic journey or theme/subject method in order to find photographic subjects.  Your Assignment is to create visual simplicity in your photographs compositions.  This can happen in many different ways: Tips

*Selective Focus

*Zoom (Focal length)

*Simplify the background of your photo

*Simplify the foreground of your photo

*Open Space (negative space)

*Isolation colors, shapes, light/shows

Responses to video’s Michael Kenna & Paul Caponigro

Group A (Tuesday Group)

*The landscapes we saw today have memories, stories, feelings, all in this barren landscape.

Group B (Wednesday Group)

*I think of isolation, being alone yes, but more like solitude a Zen like alone not lonely

*The images are simplistic but they speak volumes and they have a big voice

*The images may seem simple but the emotion they evoke in the viewer are complex

Group C (Thursday Group)

*I notice that both the photographers use the photo journey technique and have reasonable exhibitions of their work

*I get a sense of calm concentration its simple and not cluttered