Classroom Blog Week 11 & 12

Second Semester Blog Week 11 & 12

Week 11 of class students participated in a Group Field Trip.

Week 12 Dialogue with images: student volunteers participated in a group acting exercise where students tried to put themselves in the frame of mind of an image.  First an student photograph was chosen, second two volunteers acted out a series of questions, one as a visitor or viewer and the other as the photograph itself.  The goal of this exercise to try to relate to the image on a ‘human level’ thoughts, feelings, why are you the way you are?    Lastly students viewed a slideshow focused on the influence of music on the photographic practice.

Class Discussion Topics:

1. What does your inner critic look like?  What does your inner muse look like? What does each have to say?

2. What subjects/themes are you currently photographing for the ABH project?

3.  Are there subjects that you would like to photograph as the class continues?

4.  Describe the artwork that you would like to see if you were in a hospital room?


Week 12 In-Class Activity 

Now is the time to begin focusing on a subject(s) that you would like to photograph for the A.B.H. hospital room project..  We spent last semester and part of this semester learning about the arts in healthcare settings and discussing out own perspectives on how the presence of artwork can make an impact on us.

We learned that art impacts people in many different ways. It can offer a message of peer-support, or provide a scene to escape into, it can engage our senses, or help us relate feelings to something tangible, makes us laugh, help us cry, sooth our nerves, comfort us, excite us, focus our thoughts, send a message of hope during a time of crisis, awaken our imagination, and help us feel whole.

Photograph a subject or theme that you think could be helpful to someone while they are in a hospital room at ABH.  If its too difficult to imagine how your work would be interpreted then create artwork that you would like to have if you were in a hospital room.