Classroom Blog Week 11

Blog Week 11

This week’s class time was divided into three activities; the first activity of class this week was a slideshow lecture given by teaching assistants, focusing on arts and mental health more specifically art as medicine.  Second the group viewed a short video examining the work of photographer Michael Wood. Lastly the group continued to explore the concept of ‘simplicity’ through in class discussions.

In class responses to ABH project and ‘Simplicity’

Tuesday (Group A)                        

-Any concerns or ideas about our long term ABH project?

*When we try to ‘define’ our audience with this ABH project, it become to difficult, were never going  know everyone who will look at  our work or who will pass through that building– this is why the variety of artist working on this project in this group becomes rather important, it is one of our greatest strengths.

Wednesday (Group B)

-How does a simple composition make you feel?

* When I view a simple composition the distractions of the world are taken away and what is left is relevant it is the artists intentions

Thursday (Group C)

-Any concerns or ideas about our long term ABH project?

*Yes I agree that everyone is going to want to put something different in there own rooms at ABH but I also think that we need to take into consideration that this is a hospital and in my opinion in that environment your going to want to avoid extreme emotions of any kind, while your in that healing environment I would think your there to calm down to get perspective and get your life together.