Classroom Blog Week 5

Second Semester Blog Week 5

The Human Figure as a Symbol Part 2 

In the fifth week of class we continued our exploration of the figure.  This week we focused on small group exercises and a slide show lecture (Ana Mendieta, Sally Mann, David Hockney, Alfred Stiegtlitz, Kelle Kataila) aimed to help students expand their idea of ‘the figure’.  First students divided into small groups and discussed how they felt about the overlay text assignment and their ideas about how and why to add text.  Finally as always Students shared/ viewed prints in small groups.

Class Discussion Topics: 1. The Human figure as a symbol. What can the human figure add that other subjects matter cant? 2. Using text to compliment a portrait.  How does text effect meaning of figure?

Tuesday Small Group Response- “the words will flavor how I see the photograph”, ” I think that what is said, should be pleasant when considering the A.B.H. project”, “it’s a great way to put your message in a clear verbal way”, “its kind of like a tidal it leads the viewer”. “well I would not include text just to include it, its got to be a part and related to the artists intention”, I like the idea of the hand writing it gives it that sense of personal vision and intention”.

Week 5 Assignment: The Symbolic Figure with Writing

Part 1: Photograph the human figure this week, you can use yourself a friend or a family member as a model.  You can photograph in any style and any setting, showing the figure in full or part.  This is not a portrait or self-portrait that attempts at showing the subject’s personality or unique identity.  Instead, we are using the human figure to:

*Represent moods, feelings, themes

*Tell a story or hint at a narrative

*Become a personal symbol

*Add interest to a landscape, still life, or interior scene

Create these images with the ABH project in mind.  Work within your comfort zone, but really consider how the human figure can help someone relate to a work of art.

Part 2: Next week we will use special paper and pens to write text that will be overlaid with our figurative images.

In Class Slideshow