Classroom Blog Week 6

Second Semester Blog Week 6

The Human Figure as a Symbol Part 3

In the sixth week of class we continued our exploration of the figure.  This week we focused on small group writing workshop, where students learned how to overlay text with imagery through an in-camera process, students also continued an ongoing conversation about Themes/ Subjects. Finally as always students shared/ viewed prints in small groups.

First students divided into small groups and discussed how they felt about the overlay text assignment and their ideas about how and why to add text.  To further the exploration students then brainstormed ideas about what types of ‘writing’ exists and what might work well for the A.B.H. project.  Finally as always Students shared/ viewed prints in small groups.

Class Discussion Topics: 1.  Using text (writing) to compliment a portrait.  How does text effect meaning of figure?

2. What themes or subjects are you exploring for the A.B.H project?

Wednesday Small Group Response- What do you want to say with your writing?

“encouragement, “its kind of like tidal or naming so it can give viewer more to consider”, “peer support”, “for me the writing is just like the photo, I am making the picture for me, so I will write for me, I’m expressing a thought or feeling in a self portrait kind of way”

Thursday Small Group Response- “you could write a message to the viewer, like a note or letter”, what about song lyrics, songs can speak to so many people, and have helped me feel better many times”, I write poetry so I want to bring my photography and poetry together”, “what about creative prose like a story”. I’m thinking about process and how differently each of us will approach this assignment, like what comes first the photograph or the text?” 

Week 6 Assignment: Merging a theme/subject with the human figure 

 Photograph a theme/subject of your choice.  This can be a new theme/subject or one that you have been working with earlier this year.

Part 1: Photograph your theme or subject on its own without the human figure

Part 2: Photograph your theme or subject and add in the human figure.  Remember, you can use yourself as a model or someone you know.  You can include the entire human figure, or just part.  Reflections or shadows are OK too.