Classroom Blog Week 6

Blog week 6

Week 6 we continue our discussion of arts and mental health.  This week we focused on continuing our brainstorming activities searching for themes that relate to the long term ABH project.  We worked as a group to brainstorm subjects for the themes that each student selected last week.  The activity consisted of a large communal sheet of paper that each student wrote their chosen theme, next all students wrote possible subjects for all the chosen themes.  Students then wrote down all the possible subjects for their themes and as a homework will use the list to challenge themselves by photographing at least three subjects from the list, subjects  that they may have not initially had interested in or thought of as connected to their chosen theme.

The second half of our class was spent taking a local field trip to view a  public work of art by Alyson Shotz, of Brooklyn, NY. Who was commissioned in 2010 by the Commission National Invitational to create a work of art for the Integrated Learning and Research Facility (ARC) of Ohio University’s campus in Athens Ohio.  The commission fee was $85,000.  While viewing the sculpture students were encouraged to explore how the artwork affected the communal space, and to speculate about artistic intentions.