Classroom Blog Week 7

Second Semester Blog Week 7

 The Human Figure as a Symbol Part 3

In the seventh week of class students continued learning how to overlay text with imagery through an in-camera process, students also continued an ongoing conversation about developing Themes/ Subjects for the ABH project through an in-class activity.  This week’s lecture was based on technical issues students may face while shooting in low light situations. Finally as always students shared/ viewed prints in small groups.

Class Discussion Topics:

What themes or subjects are you exploring for the A.B.H project?

Wednesday Group Response- What do you want to say with your writing?

-“I’m interested in crossroads and transition”, “for me nature is my interest”, “I like photographing people in un-posed way, maybe I’ll play with street photography”, ” Hope”, ” I like making my still-life work, its all about color and whimsy”, ” filling the void has been my theme since week 1″, ” I just want my ABH stuff to be light hearted I think its really important”, ” I keep thinking about how little privacy someone at A.B.H. might have, I’d like to make an image that has something to say about that”

Week 7 In-Class Activity 

Now is the time to begin focusing on a subject(s) that you would like to photograph for the A.B.H. hospital room project.  The exercise below is meant to be helpful whether you are just starting to think about a specific subject to photograph for ABH or if you are hoping to develop ideas around a subject you’re already excited about.


As a review you are welcome to photograph any subject for A.B.H.  Your subject should be something tangible that you can see and photograph.  However, your subject may be based on a theme, concept, or intention.

Part 1: Select 1-3 image from your prints that best show a subject you’re working on

Part 2: Tape images to paper.  Brainstorm for possible ways to continue photographing this subject.  Write your ideas down on the paper around the photos.

Part 3: Share your work in small groups.  Group members will contribute to your sheets by giving you more ideas on how to develop your subject

Part 4: We will do this same exercise again next week.  Bring in photos from home to use in addition to your weekly prints.