Classroom Blog Week 8

Second Semester Blog Week 8

Inner Critic & Inner Muse


In the eighth week of class students began to identify, define and conceptualize an inner Muse and inner Critic.  First students began by defining there own ideas of what Muse? Critic may mean to them through a group writing workshop.  Second students shared there ideas during in class discussion.

Muse: Any of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts / sciences.  A source of inspiration, a guiding genius.

Critic: One who expresses a reasoned opinion on any matter especially involving a judgment of its value, truth, righteousness, beauty, or technique.



Class Discussion Topics:

1. What does your inner critic look like?  What does your inner muse look like? What does each have to say?

2. What subjects/themes are you currently photographing for the ABH project?

3.  Are there subjects that you would like to photograph as the class continues?

4.  Describe the artwork that you would like to see if you were in a hospital room?


Tuesday Group Response- ” Inner Critic is non-motivating-it says things like you screwed up again”,  “I know I’m my own worse critic sometimes it makes me feel like not even trying like its not going to be good enough anyway”, “for me I look at my photographs and think you can do better than that”


Thursday Group Response-  “My inner muse inspires me automatically, makes my creative self come out”, “a muse can   be a place or thing could be a person its anything that sparks your creative nature”, ” it’s a drive to challenge yourself anything could really inspire that”, ” Imagination resolving that creative force, like for me meditation” “I feel energized when my muse is around”  ” my inner critic makes me not want to take pictures” “for me I just don’t feel like doing anything when my critic is around”, ” an inner critic can be useful and necessary part of being an artist it can go either way it can go all wrong like you’ll never get this perfect and why try, or it can make you want to not stop to define your won level of artist standards and to push yourself farther”, ” inner critic sucks, it tells you no with thought misdirection”


Week 8 In-Class Activity 

Now is the time to begin focusing on a subject(s) that you would like to photograph for the A.B.H. hospital room project..  We spent last semester and part of this semester learning about the arts in healthcare settings and discussing out own perspectives on how the presence of artwork can make an impact on us.


We learned that art impacts people in many different ways. It can offer a message of peer-support, or provide a scene to escape into, it can engage our senses, or help us relate feelings to something tangible, makes us laugh, help us cry, sooth our nerves, comfort us, excite us, focus our thoughts, send a message of hope during a time of crisis, awaken our imagination, and help us feel whole.


Photograph a subject or theme that you think could be helpful to someone while they are in a hospital room at ABH.  If its too difficult to imagine how your work would be interpreted then create artwork that you would like to have if you were in a hospital room.