Classroom Blog Week 9

Blog Week 9

This week’s class time was divided into two activities; first students broke into small groups and viewed prints.  Second all groups participated in a field trip where we  viewed the collection of the Holzer Clinic located 2131 East State Street in Athens Ohio.

*Your assignment this week is to continue to explore the Photographic Journey, use this technique at least three times this week.


The Photograph Journey: 4 easy steps

1.  Setting Intention: Using a notebook, write a little Free Writing and describe what you are interested in working on during your photo shoot.  Identify any hopes for your photography that day as well as any fears in creating images.  If you are going out to work on the ABH project for example, write a little about why you’re working on it and what it means to you.  Don’t worry about coming up with themes or subjects, just free write.

2. Letting Go: Close your notebook, relax for a couple minutes (feel free to use relaxations or exercises you’ve learned in class or elsewhere) and let go of expectations and planning.

3. Journey: Start your journey by going for a walk, getting in the car or bus, and whatever you need to do to feel like you are able to explore.  Don’t worry about going far away from home, but you should feel like you are stepping away from your usual photographic routine.  You don’t need to have ANY photographic subjects in mind while your out photographing.

*Notice any object/scene that catches your attention or ‘flirts’ with you.

*When a subject calls to you, spend time with it.  Notice colors, shapes, details in the scene, as well as the picture.  Notice visual relationships within the scene.

* Photograph the scene/object until you feel a sense of relief or accomplishment.

4.  Gratitude: Using your notebook, write down how your photo shoot went today.  Be sure to include any ups and downs, surprises, and experiences that you are grateful for.