Classroom Blog Winter Semester Week 1 & 2

Second Semester Blog Week 1 & 2

Welcome Back

Welcome back students and blog followers, class is back in session.  Last fall we were in ‘research mode’, winter semester we will shift from research mode to ‘doing’ mode through extermination and production.  This semester all students will create photographs for the ABH project through exploring arts and mental health topics such as color and health, the healing figure, light and emotion and personal vision.  In the closing stages of winter semester all students will participate in a group exhibition at the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens Ohio, opening reception May 17 (5-7pm) 


Student work from Holiday Break


Blog Week 2 Color and Health


This week’s class time was divided into two activities; the first students broke into small groups and discussed what color means to them and any possible feelings or meanings they may have attached to particular colors.  Second the group participated in guided color relaxation exercise workshop,       LINK

In Class Response to color workshop

Group B (Wednesdays)

– “For me color is about feeling something more than having a meaning attached to it”

-“I think its important to consider that blue in nature gives me a different feeling than the same blue in a house or any man made place”

– I’ve learned or been taught that certain colors mean something, you know like that red makes you hungry, black is scary, or that blue is calming, pink is for baby girl rooms that kind of thing but all that is because someone told me like so many other things in childhood”

-” I think its important to point out tonal shifts and how important that is to photography and how much those slight differences can change the mood or feeling of a color or scene”


Week 2 Assignment

Select one color that you would like to focus on this week.  Photograph that color in various scenes and lighting situations.  Experiment with the amount of the selected color that you include in the frame.  *Please note that no matter what color you select for this project, your pictures will include other colors in the frame. You can experiment with color combinations the way a painter would