Blog week 4

APP is working on an exciting photo commission for Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare Center, creating photographs to be part of an Art-Cart that will allow patients at the hospital an opportunity to select a photo to hang in the bedroom while they are there. All APP artists will be involved in this 30-week project.

Last weeks in class discussion was focused on public art, mainly the Ohio Arts council’s percent for the arts program.  This week we continue our discussion of public arts attempting to identify any ‘issues’ students may have had with the OAC % program, and investigating the value and purposes of these public works of art.  Lastly this weeks slideshow lecture invited students to discuss perspectives on the ABH project, while identifying historic perspectives on mental health facilities and finally starting to define a mission for this group ABH project.


 IN Class Group Discussion


What is the Function of Aesthetics? For what purpose and why is this kind or art happening? Value?

Group A Tuesday’s class–  Many reasons this kind of works would be commissioned first it would be a boring world without it “imagine for a moment what if everywhere you went you saw the same picture ? even if it were something amazing like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa   it would get boring after a while”.  Second this work has a long life, it has the potential to touch many future generations.  This kind of art is valuable because it’s a way for talented people to express themselves and possibly communicate with many generations to come on a variety of concepts or subjects.

What do you think Lewis Hyde is examining in the introduction to his book “The Gift”?

Group B Wednesdays class–  In this introduction Hyde is comparing two modes of artistic practice, the first is a consumable good,  an artistic formula his example being the long running romance novel series Silhouette.  The second is a mode of working he calls ‘gift’ what he means by that is a work inspired by, connected with something rather than being created simply for a profit.  In other words its like catching a fever, or feeling something move through you, its not a choice whether the work is seen by or speaks to someone else so the artist retains there own vision because the work was never originally conceived as a ‘good’ but rather a ‘gift’.

Why do you Need public art?

Group C Thursday class–“We benefit directly from these kinds of programs, public support for the arts has personally enriched my life by reminding me of my own perspective and how its different from everyone else, I am in control of perspective and experience of the work rather than influenced by culture and tradition.”  “I believe art can soften people, without it the world would be a harsher place, it just helps me not take the world or its problems so seriously”.

Assignment: Gift

This weeks assignment is to create a photograph that will be a gift for someone that has had a positive impact on your life. This could be a family member, friend, or anyone else in your life.  Take a moment to create a list of people who have impacted your life.

The subject matter and style of the photography is completely your choice.  Try not to settle on your fist idea of what a photographic gift ‘should’ be, allow it to be a work of art.  This weeks assignment is more open than last weeks, you don’t need to interview your patron or to even think of the space where the photo will hang, just really meditate on what you already know about your chosen patron, and put your heart into it.