STUDENT BLOG: Winter Semester Update

Text and Photos by Sandy Frazier, APP Artist and Mentor

The 2015 winter semester has been an exciting time at APP! We are thrilled to have completed the exhibition at the Market on State. Photos in this exhibit will change approximately four times per year through 2015. Other APP artists and I are looking forward to having a permanent space to display our work. In addition, we will be creating a journal that can be displayed at our annual exhibition this spring (more on this later!).

This semester, we in both the Intermediate and Advanced photography classes have been working to get to know ourselves better as artists. We have experimented with different techniques we learned previously, and have begun to identify our own photographic style and creativity.

Sometimes photography can feel like a form of competition, but as APP artist and mentor Beth K. said, quoting the famous playwright Béla Bartók, “Competitions are for horses, not artists.” As artists, I feel like we must support and encourage each of our efforts to create images, in whichever way interests each of us. Some very interesting work comes from experimenting outside of our usual comfort zones, be it in landscape photography, portraiture, or abstract genres.

While I enjoyed our winter break from classes, I’m happy to be back in classes with other APP artists. We seem to grow closer to each other with each new semester, and I find this very comforting. I really appreciate belonging to this group of artists, who enjoy creating images that we can all be proud of!

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