By Sandy Frazier, APP Artist and Mentor

It has been a busy and exciting couple of weeks as an APP participant!

The Intermediate class has been working with manual camera settings and learning to use black and white photography to highlight contrast and texture in images. Students have also been learning how to convert color photos to black and white. We watched a slideshow, which demonstrated that when using the black and white photography technique, both texture and contrast are important to the overall feel of the image. One artist we discussed was Francesca Woodman. Classes have come complete with homework and photography assignments for each week.

In the Advanced class, we have been focusing on our personal artistic practice, and exploring which styles and techniques work for us when we are photographing. We are also assessing our homes to find a work space we can devote to our photography. This could involve cleaning up an area, finding nice ways to store equipment so it is easily accessible, keeping a photo journal, keeping a small calendar, and/or decorating the area with art-inspired items, such as cards or photographs.

Before the Thanksgiving holiday, both classes enjoyed a “walk around” viewing activity of each other’s work. Some very exceptional work was displayed, and all of us were encouraged to keep three to four photographs in our personal journals each week for easy review and access.

On Monday, November 24, we took down the show that was displayed at Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio. We are looking forward to completing a permanent display area at the Market on State in the near future.

Some APP artists are working hard on submitting grant applications to the Ohio Arts Council by the deadline of December 1, 2014. Good luck to everyone!