Traffic Box Art

Chris Leonard, one of many Athens Photographic Project Artists, was selected to have his work displayed on the traffic box that resides of the corner of Court and W. Washington street in Athens, Ohio. We wanted to hear from Chris, and see what he thought of that process.



1. What was the process of applying to the city like?

The application process was a bit frustrating, my photo had to be re-sized just so and that’s not one of my skills. Thankfully an instructor in APP (Josh) helped me with that. I did not have 24/7 internet access so that made it difficult to submit.

2. How did it feel to get selected?

It felt very good to be selected! It felt even better when I saw where they put it: Court St. Lots of pedestrian traffic.

3. How does having the image uptown change your perception of the photograph, if at all?

My perception of the photo has not really changed now that it’s up. I’ve looked at it for a few years now. Its bisection is a bit disappointing.

4. Anything else you would like to say about it?

I kind of wish they’d put my name on it. It’s too anonymous right now. & I kind of wish they’d put up a small original of the photo as well, so people could see it in its entirety. In the grander scheme of things, I really can’t complain.