Week 1, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

The APP Introduction to Photography course resumed last week for Winter/Spring Semester, and students dove right back into their work. This semester will focus heavily on photo series, and each student will eventually be asked to create his or her own.

There was no homework assignment for the week, but in order to get acclimated to shooting again, on Tuesday, students paired up to participate in a photo scavenger hunt right outside of the Dairy Barn. Everyone was given a checklist of things to photograph, such as “something shiny,” “two stones or rocks of different sizes,” “something you can eat,” and “a flower.” Because it’s still winter, some of the more spring-like items (furry animals, flowers, green things) were difficult to find, which forced students to be creative and think in less literal ways. On Thursday, students participated in another shooting exercise outside and visited an art exhibition in the Dairy Barn, which featured the work of several APP students in the advanced APP class.