Week 18, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

APP Introduction to Photography students were glad to be back in class this week after an abundance of snow days. Students spent Tuesday getting back into the swing of things and learning more about how to create a photographic series. The class covered how to distinguish between the subject and the theme of a photograph, as well as the different approaches photographers may take when creating an image series. These include:  “Visual Poetry”, which balances self-expression and the study of visual form; “Autobiography,” which reflects people, places, and experiences of the photographer’s daily life; “Landscape,” which celebrates the beauty of life or even comments on the interaction between humans and their environment; and “Visual Storytelling,” which involves selecting a specific subject and reflecting a perceived truth about that subject.

On Thursday, students took a field trip to Ohio University’s Alden Library, where they perused photography books and learned how to conduct research about photographers whose work they find interesting and inspirational.



As you photograph this week, think about previous subjects and themes that have interested you. Take a moment to imagine different approaches to creating a series (images that relate to one another). Try taking some of your photos this week while thinking of the connections they may have to one another.

Brainstorm possible subjects and themes for your series assignment. Consider and explore the four approaches to figure out which you would  like to use for the rest of the semester.


Advanced Photography

Due to inclement weather, the advanced classes have been off to a slow start for the semester but they are nevertheless filled with insightful discussions and as always a passion for photography.  This semester’s class is devoted to the art market in the Athens and surrounding communities.  The goal is to give every APP photographer the resources and experience necessary to have their artwork exhibited and/or sold on their own time outside of the program.  Essentially, to be their own working artist and member of the art community.

After watching an inspirational PBS American Experience documentary on nature photographer, Ansel Adams, the last couple of classes have been centered around the concepts of location and audience.  After an introduction and discussion of the terms (with reference to Ansel Adams’ life) each artist in small groups discussed who their audience for their work would be and thus where and how their work could be exhibited.  Such activities included writing mock scripts for how they would introduce themselves over the phone and a mapping exercise where color-coded stars were placed on a map of the city of Athens, Nelsonville and Athens County of places where work could either be exhibited and/or sold.

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