Week 19, Winter/Spring 2014 Semester

“If I knew how to take good pictures, I’d do it every time.” – Robert Doisneau

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students continued to plan their photo series, focusing on the themes they would like to investigate and subjects that might help them convey these themes photographically. For inspiration, the class looked at work by artist Jan von Hollben, who created an aerial photographic series of people dreaming, titled “Dreams of Flying.” Students received a list of possible themes they might explore and began brainstorming with class mentors. They also received feedback on work recent imagery that they shot in preparation for the photo series assignment.

Photo by Nancy Balch:




Last week,  your assignment was to explore four photographic approaches, and chose the one that best fit your interests.

This week, you should be thinking about what theme you would like to work with in your photographic series. Use the list of 100 themes to get ideas for possible themes that may interest you. Spend this week creating a list of subjects (the thing you are photographing) to explore with your theme, and start to photograph your series!

*Remember: A subject is the physical thing you are photographing, and your theme is the reason behind your photograph (your message to the viewer). Subjects are physical. Themes are ideas.