Week 24, Winter/Spring Semester 2014

Advanced Photography

This week the advanced classes visited the Kennedy Museum of Art at The Ridges.  Museum curator, Petra Kralickova, lead a tour of each of the gallery spaces and explained what she does as a curator and how she approaches her job.  Fortunately two of the gallery spaces were in the installation process so we could see the beginning, middle and end of production.  The students enthusiastically asked questions about how the museum archives and preserves work, the registrars job to matte and frame prints, how works are presented and hung, and even began to analyze the differences between a gallery and a museum.  The conclusion was that a museum emphasizes preservation and education.  The APP artists definitely learned a lot from this fascinating and fun experience.

Top photo: Petra Kralickova, curator, explains how she arranged a series of photographs by composition to hang in the main hallway at the Kennedy Museum of Art.

Middle: Students browse the jazz photographs of Herman Leonard, an Ohio University alumnus.

Bottom: Kralickova shows us the pre-production notes in comparison to the half-installed gallery space.

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