Week 5, Fall Semester

Introduction to Photography

This week, APP Introduction to Photography students learned about the significance of color in images, and the various meanings and connotations that different colors can have. For instance, to some people, red signifies happiness and energy, while to others, it suggests anger. The class discussed several well-known artworks that emphasize color, including paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and photographs by Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. Students also selected a color meaningful to them to focus on in their work for the week.

On Thursday, the class went on a long-awaited photo field trip along a nature trail near the Dairy Barn. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful fall day to hike. With their chosen color in mind, students photographed trees, insects, bridges, berries, autumn foliage, and other sights along the path. Everyone is looking forward to getting their prints back next week!

Polaroid picture of the class by Chris Leonard:















All images Copyright Lauren Pond

Week 5 Assignment:
Photograph your chosen ‘color.’ Choose ONE color to focus on this week. You are welcome to shoot different shades and tones of your color, but remember to look for your color. Consider the percentage of your color within the image. Does your chosen color make up 10% of the image or 90%? What makes your chosen color stand out in your image? How did you highlight your chosen color? This week, your chosen color is you subject. Have fun exploring it.


Advanced Photography

The Advanced Photography classes have been working diligently in the pre-production stages of their working portfolios. Week 5 was spent at Alden Library where the APP artists looked through their photo archives from previous semesters. They chose their favorite images and copied them into a favorites folder on a new flash drive. Their goal this week was to find up to 30 images that would further be edited down to their final 12 presentation.  The APP artists used Adobe Bridge to navigate their archive folders and “star” their favorites for their portfolio. The Advanced Classes will continue to edit images at Alden Library in the coming week.

week5copy1 week5web