Week 7, Fall 2013 Semester

Advanced Photography 

After two weeks of editing down their archives on a computer and becoming more familiar and comfortable with editing software, APP artists were given contact sheets and 4″ x 6″ prints of the images that they copied into their “favorites” folder.  The first part of class was devoted to an editing demo/presentation by teaching assistant, Andrea Pierson.  Andrea presented to the class a step-by-step approach to how she edited down her final prints that were then exhibited in her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Photography Thesis project entitled, Forgotten and Found: The Silenced Voices.  APP artists were then asked to look through their contact sheets to “get a feel” for their photographs.  They were simply to familiarize themselves with their images now that they are no longer on a computer screen. The goal of the class was to further edit down their favorites and come up with 12-15 images that will be used towards their final portfolio.


1. Edit for repeats — Where are the repeats? Find one that is the strongest.

2. Edit for category — Which category do you want your images to fall into? e.g. Daily Life, Portraits, Landscape/Nature, Fine Art, Commercial

3. Edit for clarity — Which image says what you want to say best?

4. Edit for vision — Do these images fit your vision as a photographer? Is this the type of photography that you want to do in the future?

Andrea emphasized in her presentation to look for patterns that occur in the images on their contact sheets. From these patterns the artist may gain a fuller and more complete understanding of the concept that they would like to present.  This weeks activities were to help solidify their ideas and develop their concepts.  Above all, the artists were encouraged to follow their instincts.














































Part of class was spent discussing portfolio ideas with partners and small groups.


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